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Repairing Relationships Broken by Addiction

Once the two of you have begun communicating through letters for a while, it should become easier to have face-to-face discussions. Work on You As you work towards reconciling with your spouse and creating a new and happy marriage, don’t forget yourself.

Repairing Your Marriage After Substance Abuse Treatment

If addiction has impacted your marriage, you may be wondering if the only solution is to separate from your spouse. With work, determination and love, you and your spouse may be able to recover and restore your marriage after addiction. Addiction is complex, and so it will take time to unpick it and fix your relationship. Understanding the root cause of your addiction will help you solve problems and challenges you may face. Throughout your addiction, you may have lied to your spouse, withdrawn, and shut them out. Therefore, it is crucial that you and your partner clearly and honestly communicate with one another as you begin your recovery.

Tips to Heal a Marriage Hurt by Addiction

Otherwise, trust will continue to be damaged instead of repaired. At a certain point, decide that you will have to stop making your loved one pay for the events that occurred in the past. Neither one of you can go back and change them, nor does holding them over their head do anything for your current relationship. Accept what happened, and if you have received an apology and a sincere offer to make amends, decide to close the door on the issue forever. Never bring it up again, no matter how hurt or upset you become later. According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, about 21.5 million Americans age 12 and older have a substance abuse disorder.

  • If you are unsure how a former acquaintance will receive a phone call, or you want some time to consider what you would like to say, send an e-mail or a letter.
  • Don’t bring up the topic when you’re riding high on anger and resentment, fresh off of another disappointment.
  • Through family therapy, family members have an opportunity to learn and develop self-care interventions to help them improve their own well-being.
  • Get help — You and your loved one may need a mediator to get through the hardest parts of the reconnecting and relationship restoration process.
  • Drug Rehab is a comprehensive site on the various types of drug rehabs, what to look for when seeking treatment, and information about addiction.

For example, if your spouse showed up high to a family gathering, you may have made some excuse about not feeling well to leave quickly. Money has the potential to destroy any relationship, but it can be especially damaging to a marriage when one spouse feels like the other is spending irresponsibly. When an addict spends money on drugs that should be going to pay for housing, utilities, food, and other necessities, it’s going to cause conflict. Fortunately, drug rehab centers will help your spouse break their drug habit. Without the need to buy drugs, the two of you will be able to sit down and work out your finances to help you get back on track. Repairing relationships while recovering from substance use disorder can be challenging. It may take time, but you can recover from SUD and the relationship issues that stem from it.

Read helpful literature with your spouse

The recovering addict needs to focus on sobriety and may not always be able to prioritize the relationship, and his or her spouse must understand this. Of course, the addict’s ability to maintain sobriety will be essential to your ability to maintain the marriage as well. Being patient will be key in getting your marriage back on track, whether you’re living with an alcoholic/drug addict in recovery or you are an alcoholic/drug addict in recovery. If you’ve decided to get sober together, this is an incredible and powerful step to take as a couple. By walking through the recovery process together, you’ll both become stronger and healthier on the other side. Whether one or both of you struggle with a substance use problem, there is hope. Here are a few strategies to consider as you set out to rebuild your marriage after the devastation of addiction.

Repairing Your Marriage After Substance Abuse Treatment

This urge to help means that parents may feel angry, hurt, and betrayed by an adult child living with a substance abuse issue. Their adult child may still lie and steal from them despite the help that the parents have provided since they’re compelled to feed their addiction. A newly sober client may feel optimistic about their progress in early sobriety and ready for a marriage changes after sobriety fresh start in a relationship. They may not be focused on the past, where there likely was a pattern of several years of harmful behavior in the relationship. These issues cannot be resolved overnight, even if the client sincerely apologizes for past actions. Any action taken toward rebuilding the relationship is a victory, and these small steps must be celebrated.